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Introducing our newest member to the team

Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner - Jessica Taylor

We are excited to announce that our Natural Resilience team has a new member: Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Jessica Taylor. Jessica will start taking appointments in Mid-July. Please call 304.381.2211 to schedule your appointment.


A message from Jessica Taylor:

Hello, my name is Jessica Taylor, and I am so excited to join Natural Resilience, Resilient Kids, and The Mindbody Center as a holistic-minded Family Nurse Practitioner. I am a proud mama of three, wife and essential oil enthusiast, and educator who understands the need for a collaborative & holistic approach to traditional medicine. My goal is to inspire and empower my clients to have the right toolset, skillset, and mindset to attain their desirable health goals.

I was drawn to Natural Resilience right away for their approach to holistic based medicine and use of alternative and complementary therapy.

As a Holistic Nurse Practitioner at Natural Resilience, some of my scope of practice will including helping both children and adult clients with the following:

  • To decrease the use of psychiatric medications by incorporating evidence based complementary & alternative medicine.

  • To provide nutritional counseling for optimal mental health and well-being for both children and adults.

  • To optimize mental health and well-being through sustaining movement and exercise.

  • To target nutritional counseling by decreasing inflammation in the gut, heart and brain in order to improve executive functioning (focus, attention and motivation) & to decrease signs of anxiety and/or depression.

  • To improve stomach and intestinal health by incorporating probiotics, digestive enzymes, aromatherapy and more.

  • To help clients by integrating aromatherapy in their daily healthcare regimen in order to improve sleep patterns, decrease anxious and depressed feelings; increase concentration and focus, and other health goals as it relates to the client.

I am grateful for this beautiful opportunity to empower others on their own personal journey to emotional and physical wellness; and, I look forward to seeing you soon at our practice.


Are you ready to begin your personal journey to emotional and physical wellness?

Let Natural Resilience help you take your next step.

Contact Natural Resilience at 304.381.2211 Jessica Taylor is accepting appointments starting mid-July 2017


New to our team: Jessica Taylor - holistic medicine

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Based on the fundamental belief that each of us has what it takes to achieve balance in our life and cultivate wellness, Natural Resilience offers holistic counseling and coaching services for individuals and families. By establishing a collaborative relationship, Natural Resilience clinicians create the optimal healing environment.


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