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The Mindbody Center and Wellness Solutions Announce New Collaboration for Thrive to Health

Thrive to Health Series at The Mindbody Center

Natural Resilience’s The Mindbody Center and Wellbeing Solutions, a wellness company, and have teamed up to offer an eight-week Thrive to Health program beginning Monday, April 10, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


To register for the THRIVE TO HEALTH program, call Natalie at 304-241-5100


This 8-week course is designed for individuals seeking to take responsibility for self-care to achieve a high level of wellbeing. The program incorporates group support, coaching, yoga and The Wellness Inventory–the wellbeing management system that the Stanford Research Institute calls a “foundational wellness tool.”

Co-leading the series, Colleen Harshbarger and JoAnn Davis Frey will be providing a compassionate environment for participants. Colleen is a certified wellness coach and Experienced Registered Yoga teacher. JoAnn Davis Frey is a licensed professional counselor, registered nurse, and cofounder of The Mindbody Center.

The Thrive to Health program will be offered as part of The Mindbody Center's holistic therapy series. Individual therapy is offered as an option with the Thrive to Health program. Receiving individual counseling services at Natural Resilience is not a prerequisite or requirement of participation. All participants complete an intake evaluation prior to registration; this course is often insurance reimbursable.


“Colleen gently weaves wisdom of mind and body together to shine a light on the possibility of living on a path towards balanced and positive wellbeing” -- past Thrive to Health program participant


This program might be for you if you've caught yourself thinking: I’ll be happy when I..

“Get that promotion”

“Lose ten pounds”

“Find my soul mate”

“Finish this project”

“Take a vacation”…You get the drift.

Habitual thinking that we’re not worthy of happiness until some ideal version of ourselves is attained is not uncommon. The problem is, even if that ideal condition is achieved, there’s always a new one on the horizon. Maybe it’s time to flip that idea. Call Natalie at 304-241-510 to register for the upcoming Thrive to Health 8-week Series at The Mindbody Center.


Wellbeing Solutions is a recent startup established to help individuals and organizations optimize wellbeing. Harshbarger’s brand offers wellbeing coaching and education in the community. Colleen actively teaches yoga and wellbeing programs at West Virginia University and community classes at BlissBlissBliss and The Mindbody Center.

For more information on Wellbeing Solutions, email Colleen Harshbarger at


The Mindbody Center offers services to clients of Natural Resilience and Resilient Kids, as well as to the community. Services include experiential and educational groups, meditation, yoga and other movement therapies, acupuncture, and health coaching.

The Mindbody Center • 2000 Coombs Farm Road, Building B, Suite 106 • Morgantown, WV 26508 • Phone: 304-241-5100



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